Difficult Third Blog

How often things begin in a rush of glorious enthusiasm and then get rapidly bogged in the mire.  The 0-60 headlong sprint into the arms of social media has been confusing and, to be honest, a bit dispiriting.  Too much information, too many voices shouting about themselves across the lightwaves.  What did I expect?

Best be brief.  The business of fundraising for Nonesuch Theatre has been exhausting and morally draining but I think we’ve got close enough to our target to get what we need to gets started.  I’ve had a personal tutorial about Twitter from a slightly addicted friend of mine who has many thousands of followers; the upshot of which is that I don’t think I really want to tweet at the moment.  My computer died suddenly so everything went tits-up.  I persuaded some friends to go busking with me at Paddington station complete with charity buckets (offically approved) to raise money for Nonesuch.  Crooning in our winter duffel coats we looked just like a poster they had on the tube a few years ago for the 3 or (or was it 4?) tenors.  And coincidentally that’s exactly how much we made.  3 or 4 tenners.

I more or less lost all faith in myself and the project by Saturday evening.  But now I’m back to about 65% (In line with proximity to fundraising target..See? It’s obsession-making.)

I cannot wait to begin work on the “work” (as we theatre folk like to grandly term our chosen way of passing the time).  

In the meantime I’ve been making the music for Little Red Riding Hood at Norwich Puppet Theatre which looks to be a beautiful little show, opening there in a week or two, running through Christmas and coming to Little Angel for a couple of weeks in the New Year.

Thanks for reading, Aunt and mother. (The two subscribers to this blog of whom I’m so far aware)



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