A good start

Apologies if my last post was a touch maudlin. I bring good news: we reached our funding target of £3000 (and a bit more) thanks to last-minute acts of recession-defying generosity. We now have enough in the bank to start tentatively employing people and I feel sufficiently confident to spend some of this afternoon looking for rhymes for “occupational psychologist” (rather than just looking for work).

The night after we made the target I experienced the opposite of an anxiety dream in which all the elements of this elaborate and perhaps over-ambitious project came together in a symphony of artistry and good management. As a consequence I spent the whole of the following day feeling anxious.

So, on we go. We’re booked in for a week’s development at BAC in the week of February 20th when there’ll be little public showings of work-in-progress at the end of the week. I’ve found a great musician-performer (Jake Rodriguez) to potentially take on the role I would have done had I not decided to direct the show instead. And we’re actively seeking “Steves”. For that is the name of the central character in the show, to be played by an actor (with some singing ability) of the natural clownish, beleaguered, early middle-agedish variety…

An accountant would be useful too…( A real one that is).

In other news, today sees the first performance of the Christmas show I’ve written the music for, Red Riding Hood at the delightful Norwich Puppet Theatre. It’s a very exquisitely crafted and resolutely non-festive little piece directed and designed by the brilliant Peter O’Rourke with considerably higher production values than any four-year-old has a right to expect. It will be at Little Angel Theatre for a couple of weeks early in the new year if any Londoners want to come and bring their little ones.

Ben and Nonesuch


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