The fun begins – free work-in-progress showings of Thunder and Coal at BAC 23rd to 25th Feb

Here we are in February.  Not a month with much to recommend it .  In the world of NONESUCH much has unfolded and re-folded in a sort of extreme theatrical origami.

Money is still uncertain – we had to re-submit our Arts Council application and won’t hear until mid-March.  Without that money, the production will be somewhat scaled-down – but we’ll make something happen.  On the plus side, look at our lovely publicity picture (courtesy of artist/T and C designer Jennie Pedley).


This features on the front of Little Angel’s Theatre’s Spring season for adults brochure, which is cheering.  Those first full performances will be on 3rd, 4th and 5th May – booking opens on Monday 6th Feb:

We have a full cast ready to work on Thunder and Coal for a week at Battersea Arts Centre, presenting our “scratch” work-in-progress on 23rd, 24th and 25th Feb at 9 pm.  This is open to the public and free, though the space only holds 20 audience so if you want to come booking is advisable :
We’re on just after Paper Cinema – hopefully their audiences might be interested in what we’re up to…

The cast-members are reading and  – in some cases – commenting on the third draft of my script.  The first animated sequences are being created.  Tour-bookers are being wooed.  Much has been prepared artistically – and much of it I fully expect to go out of the window by day two.  This is the bit where hats have to be held onto, as we work together and try to figure out what’s good and what may be good but may not serve our purposes.

It’s exciting, which is good enough for now.




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