Onwards little mice…

The NONESUCH team is now working full tilt to bring Thunder and Coal into the world.  With an Arts Council grant behind us and the insights gained from putting our work-in-progress in front of a small audience at BAC in February we are ready to take on the immense challenge of staging the world premiere of our “shadow musical”.

Two exciting developments: Philip “Boz” Bosworth, who took on the central role of “Steve” during the BAC week (with gusto, aplomb and sheer balls) is also working on a simple stage design to frame the glowing shadow-puppets of visual artist Jennie Pedley.  And to support Ben in his mammoth (possibly a bit too mammoth) task of writing, composing and directing the piece we have brought in a very experienced director, Emma Bernard, to give us regular outside input from now through until the performances in May.

It’s quite a talented company. CLICK HERE to check out our achievements and some fetching pictures.

We begin rehearsals at the end of March knowing that we have a whole range of craggy peaks to scale – and here we are, a bunch of little mice.  But if what we achieve matches up even approximately to the scale of our ambition we hope (in a few weeks’ time) to be able to entertain, entrance and move tens if not hundreds of genuine members of the public.  The shows are 3rd to 5th May at Little Angel Theatre and booking is open.  It’s not a big space and there are only four shows so book now to avoid – at best – disappointment; at worst, devastating regret.


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