Proud, shattered and hopeful…

We pulled it off. Thunder and Coal played to sold-out houses at Little Angel last week and got great responses.

Here are a few of the audience comments (and these aren’t even from my mates):

Thank you for tonight, it was wonderful !
So much conveyed with so little …. having been fed a non-stop
diet of over-produced operas with outrageous budgets that have
left me indifferent for years it was a great pleasure to see and hear
a musical drama that was really affecting. What surprised me was
how the ‘ doings ‘ of animation and sound effects added rather than
subtracted to the storytelling. Bravo to all concerned.

Laurie Lewis

Absolutely loved the performance.  There was never a dull moment.  Very funny and well acted/played and puppeteered.  Would love to see more.

Esme Folley

Wonderful performance.  Fusion of music and puppetry was brilliant.  Found myself laughing out loud.  Reminded me of Kneehigh productions which I have loved and followed for years

L. White

I thought “life-enhancing” and quite a joy.  I love the cynicism of the songs about modern city life which still had an element of positivity too!  A gorgeous love poem to London.


Lovely, touching and intelligent.  The music probably the best part, the whole idea genius


It was immensely hard to put a show like that together in such a short time (for the record, “shadow musicals” probably need about 2 weeks extra rehearsal time).  But, with a true team effort, we kind of did it.  There’s a lot we’d like to develop; it felt like we were just warming into really telling the story by the last night. And many important things in theatre shows  don’t become apparent until you put the work in front of an audience. So what we need is a little more rehearsal/development and a nice long run.  That may take some time to get together – we need to find industry partners who can help us realise the show’s full potential.  But I do feel like we conveyed the thing.

So, on to the next mountain…



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