BookStory: the pages are turning

I had a busy Christmas directing, composing and writing The Night Before Christmas for Little Angel Theatre.  Here’s a little trailer, doesn’t it look pretty?

The show went down a treat and is already being booked for another outing next Christmas.

I then had a busy new year getting on top of a very responsible part-time job as music teacher in a local primary school.

Now I’m back on the case with Nonesuch‘s  new show BookStory.  Here’s a little trailer we made from the work-in-progress showing at Little Angel’s Hatch season last year

Co-creator Philip “Boz” Bosworth and myself have been making plans for our next stage of development.  We’ve had offers of support from several quarters (Little Angel, Polka, Trestle to name but three) which is always heartening.  We hope to tour the show to library spaces as well as studio theatres (the story is set in a library) and are beginning those conversations now.

All being well, we’ll do development in the spring and summer, share some more work-in-progress, raise some  money and have the finished piece ready this time next year.

In the mean-time I’m getting really stuck into working with Polka/Royal and Derngate on Moominsummer Madness, an adaptation of one of  Tove Jansson’s Moomin books. The world of the Moomins is uniquely sad, comic and beautiful and it’s a pleasurable challenge to try and do it justice in a piece of musical puppet theatre.  I’ve been drafting and re-drafting songs  – having two directors and a co-lyricist (writer Phil Porter) seems to mean a lot of re-drafting!   I’m on draft 6 of a song about breakfast at the moment.  Happy days.


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