Nonesuch are back from the Farm

So, we’ve just spent a remarkable few days in Suffolk on the (world’s first?) Theatre Farm Retreat set up by Sam Worboys of Worboys Productions, working on BookStory. This culminated in a showing of work-in-progress at Cambridge Junction on 22nd July alongside fellow Retreating companies, Bootworks and Jon Whitten. Aside from devising in a beautiful setting, we had superb artistic and production advisers coming in. And lots of campfires. Here’s a picture of us listening to a talk about branding:

nonesuch bookstory little angel puppet theatre farm retreat development cambridge junction

Nonesuch on the sofa listening very seriously to a talk about digital media
photo by

Yes, I know we look a little uncomfortable.  It wasn’t the sofa.  Still, brand we must.  And blog and tweet, apparently.  Here’s a picture of the campfire:

Campfire at the Theatre Farm Retreat

Campfire at the Theatre Farm Retreat

That’s better, isn’t it?

And here’s a picture of us performing at the Junction:


bookstory nonesuch cambridge junction gilbert taylor philip bosworth glasstone

Librarians in crisis

Note that the dynamic Gilbert Taylor has joined us as a performer, adding much gusto to proceedings.

We’ve made huge progress on the show and are very excited about finishing it ready for Spring 2015.  Many thanks to Sam and the Worboys team for all their support.


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