book reads to book little angelIn Brian’s library, the books are all in a muddle.   The Romance is rubbing shoulders with the DIY manual and the Dictionary is sharing a shelf with the Whodunnit. What’s going on?   Has Brian lost the plot? To save their confused library (and its confused librarian) the books must work together. But books can’t move…or can they?

To discover their real powers the books will first have to face their deadliest enemies…

Bookstory is a tiny puppet musical with some very big ideas. Suitable for anyone over the age of 7, it uses songs, puppetry and dynamic performance to tell the story of the story in the digital age.

The show has three performers   and will premiere at Little Angel’s FIRSTS season in March 2015 before touring to studio theatres and festivals March-July 2015. It has been developed with the Puppet Centre Trust at BAC and with Little Angel at Hatch in 2013 and at Worboys Productions’ Theatre Farm Retreat in July 2014.

Previous shows:

The Adventures of THUNDER and COAL…

A man in a daze, a mouse in a maze: what’s at the end of all these tunnels? The Adventures of Thunder and Coal explores the parallels between the lives of the mice in the London Underground and the bigger mammals fumbling darkly up above them. The show features a live band, animation and songs about supermarkets, steamy beverages and shifty commuters.

This is a brand new, full-blown musical, aimed at adult audiences.

The following trailer was filmed at Little Angel Theatre, May 2012:

CLICK HERE to find out when and where to catch THUNDER and COAL

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