Book Story. It’s a story, about some books. In a library.

But these are no ordinary books and this is no ordinary library. It’s Brian’s library: a wonderful, magical place where the books like to flutter their pages and let their shelves go. All the books are happy in Brian’s busy little library – Thriller or Textbook, History or Romance, they all love to be borrowed.

Then one day Brian changes and the library goes…quiet.  What’s going on? The books had better stiffen their spines: to get to the bottom of this mystery they may have to check themselves out…

Using song, puppetry and dynamic performance, Book Story is the latest musical show from MONSTRO Theatre, the Pioneers of the Puppet Musical From Ben Glasstone, creator or The Mouse Queen, design and puppetry by Michael Fowkes.

Suitable for anyone aged 5 and above.

‘Incredible performance. Completely original, unexpected and heartwarming.’ Derby Theatre

Following on from a successful tour in 2016, the show will be back out again in autumn 2017 delighting audiences of all ages. See our Dates page for upcoming performances.


Previous shows:

The Adventures of THUNDER and COAL…

A man in a daze, a mouse in a maze: what’s at the end of all these tunnels? The Adventures of Thunder and Coal explores the parallels between the lives of the mice in the London Underground and the bigger mammals fumbling darkly up above them. The show features a live band, animation and songs about supermarkets, steamy beverages and shifty commuters.

This is a brand new, full-blown musical, aimed at adult audiences.

The following trailer was filmed at Little Angel Theatre, May 2012:

CLICK HERE to find out when and where to catch THUNDER and COAL


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